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Guangzhou Yiacoustic Material Co., Limited was established on 25th, March, 2011. The head office locates in the youngest CBD of Guangzhou, called Baiyun New Town, and 40 minutes away from our factory by car.

At the beginning, we are producing and selling acoustic materials, including wooden acoustic panel, fabric acoustic panel, polyester fiber acoustic panel, woodwool acoustic panel, also customized materials for sound absorption. Now, we are not only focus on the interior acoustic materials, but also the sound insulation materials, including vibration damping series, interior movable partition wall, outdoor sound barrier fence, also customized materials for sound reduction. For the detail information, welcome to open the next page, and go thought with your patience. Thank you.

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With the development of the company, our team becomes a stronger, professional and reliable partner for the customers, which doing research and development, marketing, acoustic design, also project consultation.

Based on the excellent quality with hearty service, our major markets map is including Australia, The United Kingdom, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria. We have many experiences to trade our materials to your hands. our job references have attached in the pages.  

To support the customers, our company provides full-scare quality management system and passed ISO9001:2008, the testing reports including CE, SGS, and others for NRC or Fire resistant.  

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